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Newsday Media Group seeks an internet news manager

August 31, 2023

Posted by Mariam Ahmed

The Internet News Manager specializes in programming content for the homepage and other digital platforms. The role requires strong news judgment, advanced headline-writing skills and the ability to take appropriate action on metrics data. Homepage producers will be key partners in collaborative projects between Editorial/Product/Web Development teams.

Essential Duties & Functions

Oversee the homepage of, section fronts and our mobile platform. This includes:

  • Place local news and enterprise stories on the page, utilizing news judgment, metrics and feedback from supervisors to create a compelling, comprehensive report that reflects Newsday’s journalism standards. Work with news, photo and video editors to help get their content online and troubleshoot problems with traditional posts and alternative storytelling.
  • Constantly monitor the page to improve headlines and teasers for readability/accuracy/sense, improve photo crops with homepage view in mind and ensure that content is up-to-date. Look for technical/UX glitches and typographical errors. Check leads and display type to ensure there are no misspellings or inaccurate descriptions and that Newsday digital style is followed. Run and troubleshoot live videos and other items with motion attached, links, etc., that go up on the homepage.
  • Monitor to see which stories are performing well and adjust story play and headlines accordingly, using good editorial judgment and awareness of Newsday’s brand. Alert assigning editors to particularly well-performing content so they can consider ways to update or supplement that coverage. Stay up-to-date on metrics reports to help inform decision-making. As needed, analyze data to identify trends and share actionable insights with newsroom editors and reporters to help grow and diversify Newsday’s audience.
  • Monitor dashboard for ups/downs on top 25 stories of the day. Systematically click into each during a work shift to assess the breakdown of where traffic is coming from.
  • Look for related media and attach. Work with content editors to ensure proper placement/addition of internal links to story text, where relevant, such as previous coverage.
  • As time allows, check investigative projects and other evergreen content, especially those that are popular or timely, to ensure they are working properly and flag problems as they are discovered.
  • Keep track of competitors’ content and alert HUB editors to relevant content.
  • Stay on top of key wire stories and quickly post and alert breaking news, in collaboration with HUB editors.
  • Check stories and fix homepages, categories, community tags. Follow up with editors to improve these items on the front end.

Help promote Newsday’s content. This includes:

  • Write push and email alerts for high-interest stories over several segments, including local community alerts. Work with supervisors and desk editors to execute.
  • Compile the Morning or Afternoon Update newsletter to promote a wide range of Newsday content.
  • Assist with social media posts. Alert social team of breaking news.

Essential Job Knowledge & Skills:

  • A demonstrated understanding of journalism ethics, standards and AP style.
  • Expertise with standard metrics and SEO programs such as, Metrics for News and Adobe. Advanced Excel/spreadsheet management skills is a plus.
  • Demonstrated ability to shape journalistically sound insights from raw metrics data.
  • Collaborative mindset focused on building a rapport with others on a cross-functional team.
  • Willingness to multi-task on quick-turnaround assignments and long-term projects, pivoting as the team’s priorities shift.
  • Ability to work a flexible and varied schedule to include weekends, nights and holidays.

Compensation: The annual salary for this position is $69,000.

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