Mint Studios is looking for writers

March 2, 2022

Posted by Margarita Sanabria

Mint Studios is looking for someone who can write articles based on interviews and understanding the product/audience, rather than other articles on Google.


Mint Studios is a content marketing agency that helps fintech companies turn their blogs into customer acquisition channels. Our main differentiation point from other agencies is that we create content that is optimized for conversions and leads, not just traffic.

Although we only work with fintech companies, these range from crypto, to budgeting apps, to enterprise payments companies and consultancies.



Essentially, it’s content that sells specific products and turns readers into customers. For example, for a digital business bank, we would want to rank for “best business bank”. This is a lot more useful than ranking for Top of the Funnel content (TOFU) like “best business books”.


Below are some examples of BOFU pieces of content that I’ve written, and are the type of posts you are expected to write. As you’ll see they often involve including case studies and explaining features in detail. They will require deep understanding of the product. So as you can see, it’s not just about researching a topic on Google and regurgitating what you find. It involves understanding a product inside out (and as you’ll see, it’s a lot more fun and interesting).

In order to understand the topic/product well, you’ll often need to watch an interview to gain key insights for the article.

Here are some examples of BOFU content:

We recommend reading this article to get a feel of what BOFU is: What is BOFU (Bottom of the Funnel) Content and Why Is it Important?

We don’t like fluff. That’s because a lot of the content we write is for a more advanced audience. We want to stay away from introductions that start with “Owning a business can entail a myriad of financial transactions — many of which may require more cash than you have on hand”

Examples of intros we like:

  • “In a recent announcement, Yolt revealed their decision to close down their budgeting app.”
  • “If you or your employees have started using their own credit or debit cards to pay for company expenses, then you know what that means: it’s time to get a business credit card.”
  • “At XXX, many of us have first-hand experience getting financing for our companies.”

You’ll complete a paid written test if your application is successful.

I’m based in Edinburgh, Scotland, and our strategist is based in Italy. Our team is remote-first and we work with clients from all around the world.


  • Understanding your audience: do you love understanding people’s pain points? Then you’ll love doing this type of writing. It’s as much about writing as it is about liking psychology and what makes people tick.
  • To the point: we like people who get to the point. We’re not writing a novel, we’re writing to sell.
  • Open to feedback: to be a good writer you need to be able to take feedback.
  • Responsive: some pieces of content will require back and forth.
  • Curiosity: it helps if you like finance, fintech and are curious about the sector.
  • Willing to research: a lot of the pieces of content we write will require checking out competitors, reading reviews and maybe even trying the product yourself. Doing this makes it easier to write the article and understand our customers, so this is an essential skill to be a good writer.


Some of the pieces of content will require knowledge of a product or its features. That’s why some of the articles will be based on interviews with subject matter experts within the client’s company. I’ll do the interviews and send you the recording (or you’re welcome to join on the call), and if you’re up for it, you’re also welcome to do the interviews yourself at a later date.


  • $450 per article- There’s no strict word count, but articles are usually 1,500 – 2,500 words.


For more information, visit their website.

Apply here.



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