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Law360 seeks assistant managing editor

October 11, 2016

Posted by Chris Roush

Law360The Assistant Managing Editor (AME) is an integral part of Law360’s busy newsroom. The AME is responsible for day-to-day oversight of the newsroom with the goal of refining coverage. This position manages a team of legal new reporters and works under the Managing Editor.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Assign news stories
  • Assign features
  • Develop story ideas
  • Conduct competitive analysis for assigned sections
  • Complete structural edits for articles
  • Review newsletter content
  • Arrange stories in newsletters
  • Work with reporters to improve pitching, writing, developing stories
  • Provide continuous feedback to reporters to ensure staff development
  • Notify Managing Editor of recurring problems in reporting and writing; provide feedback on overall reporter performance
  • Train and mentor new hires
  • Improve editorial routines; update editorial wiki as necessary
  • Analyze traffic and reader feedback
  • Participate in editorial advisory board meetings
  • Step in for Managing Editor to fulfill duties as necessary

Performance indicators:

  • Traffic growth for designated sections
  • Sales growth for designated sections
  • Correction rate for designated sections
  • Scoops (competitive analysis)

Required for consideration:

– BA/BS in Journalism

  • 2+ years experience managing a team of reporters
  • 2+ years experience as an editor a t daily business or legal publication
  • 5+ years editing or writing experience

Please note; qualified candidates will be asked to complete writing and reporting assessments electronically.

To apply, go here.

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