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May 10, 2022

Posted by Margarita Sanabria

Insider is looking for pitches! Today marks 1 year and 6 months since we set up Insider’s Global News Correspondents team. We’ve reported from TEN countries and TEN states (+DC). Our top stories were longread features from outside the US, profiles and photo essays. A list to celebrate…and yes, PLEASE pitch me!


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  • After Ukraine requested foreign fighters, who showed up? From Lviv, Ukraine, Katie Livingstone profiled the misadventures of two volunteer soldiers who came to Ukraine in search of something “real.”
  • Karim Zaidan looked at the “streetfighters, hooligans and Nazis” behind King of the Streets, Sweden’s Most Notorious Underground Fight Club.
  • Linda Evangelista‘s experience with CoolSculpting left a lot of readers curious about possible risks. Amelia Harnish interviewed experts and five more women who had bad experiences.
  • As the Supreme Court considered Mississippi’s restrictive abortion law, Sarah Fowler dug into what little help the state (where 1 in 3 kids live in poverty) offers babies.
  • Who is Tucker Carlson, really? Aaron Short interviewed the Fox host’s classmates and many others.
  • We were curious about Tucker Carlson’s artist mother, Lisa McNear Lombardi, who left when Carlson was six. Photographer Ted Soqui visited collectors to look at some of her “weirdly camp” artwork.
  • Our most popular story yet is Noah Hurowitz‘s investigation into the mysterious death of Mexico’s “Lord of the Skies.”
  • One of the most eye-opening stories of the last year was Cezary Podkul‘s profile of the lawyer who had successfully argued that courts were systematically misinterpreting U.S. bankruptcy law in favor of lenders.
  • One of my favorite stories so far this year: Jacqueline Kerubo profiled the effort to open the best natural hair salon in the country—Covid19 and YouTube amateurs be damned.

We’re so proud to publish some of the finest freelance journalists working today. Pitches should explain why this is a fabulous story and how you’ll report it. Please also include a tentative headline and proposed length. We want deep reporting, compelling characters, real stakes.


  • Write a short introduction about yourself
  • Include a paragraph highlighting your writing experience, relevant credentials and publication credits
  • Attach links to your strongest work or portfolio, and online profile.


  • $1 + per word


For more information, visit their website.

Before applying, review submission guidelines. Email all questions and submissions to Edith Honan, Editor (Global News) of Insider, at:


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