The Markup seeks two editors

March 8, 2023

Posted by Chris Roush

The Markup is hiring two editors to oversee, guide, and elevate a steady rhythm of enterprise, accountability, and investigative journalism. You will:

  • Oversee, edit, and coach reporters on stories from conception to final line edits on:
    • Short and medium-sized enterprise projects
    • In-depth, long-form investigative stories
    • Follow-ups and other stories that can push an investigation further (because we know stories don’t end when we publish)
  • Work to create journalism with impact. Expose wrongdoing; equip people, communities, organizations, and regulators with the critical information they need to drive reform; strive for the goal of institutional and systemic change.
  • Manage a team of around 6 journalists, such as investigative reporters, data journalists, visual journalists, engineers, copy editors, and producers.
  • Collaborate a lot. The Markup’s stories often carry multiple bylines and usually go through multiple types of edits. As an editor, you’ll work with a team with many different skill sets and give your feedback and guidance on everything from visual journalism to our data methodologies. You’ll also work with colleagues focused on social media and communications to make sure each piece of journalism we do reaches the audiences and communities it needs to reach.
  • Run point on external collaborations with newsroom partners (whether it’s reporting on a piece together, or co-publishing to help stories reach the right audience). With support from the rest of the editing team, you’ll also establish and seek out new partnerships to make our work the best it can possibly be and extend its reach.
  • Support your team in their long and short term career goals, including encouraging and even spotting opportunities for professional development—from conferences to classes.

To apply, go here.

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