The Information seeks a Nvidia and chips reporter

September 22, 2023

Posted by Chris Roush

The Information was founded in 2013 with a simple idea: write deeply reported articles about the technology industry that you won’t find elsewhere. Since then, we’ve become a disruptor in business news that’s moved markets, gotten the early scoop on billions of dollars of acquisitions, and told you what’s happening inside companies like Apple, Meta and Google. We’ve attracted tens of thousands of paying subscribers who look to us for breaking news stories and features. As we look to expand our coverage in alignment with the needs of our subscribers, we continue to invest aggressively in our team.

Semiconductors have attracted more interest from business leaders, software engineers and investors in the past year than they did in the previous 20. In addition to powering a boom in conversational and image-generating artificial intelligence, microchips are at the center of a growing conflict between the U.S. and China with enormous economic implications.

We’re hiring a reporter who wants to get inside Nvidia, rivals such as AMD, Intel, Qualcomm and their supply chain. The inner-workings of Nvidia, a $1 trillion company, are mostly a black box—the perfect subject for an enterprising reporter. Covering Nvidia also means tracking how the company is shaking up Amazon Web Services and other cloud providers by propping up younger rivals and launching what could be a Trojan horse cloud service inside their data centers. Nvidia has a good reason for doing so: the cloud providers are developing their own AI chips—efforts that are worth covering closely, too. Nvidia wants to diversify revenue streams and generate revenue from selling AI-related software in addition to its hardware, and it has become a prolific equity investor in key AI startups.

Nvidia and other chipmakers are also footballs in a global political fight. Beijing is funding homegrown efforts to reduce reliance on foreign-owned chipmakers while also coveting Taiwan-based TSMC, a top chip foundry that serves Nvidia, Apple and many others. To slow China’s momentum, the U.S. has increasingly restricted the sale of advanced chips to China. There’s ample opportunity to break news about these moves and how companies are getting caught in the middle.

Separately, consumer technology giants such as Apple and Google are becoming device-chip designers in their own right, generating fodder for impactful stories.

This reporter will work closely with our Asia team as well as state-side colleagues covering AI software developers. The relationship between chips, AI and the cloud are a top interest of The Information subscribers, which means this beat comes with a significant and serious audience on day one.


  • Report and write stories about Nvidia and other chip developers
  • Write in-depth features and profiles, and break news about personnel, products, deals


  • Professional reporting experience
  • A track record of original reporting, whether in business, technology, politics or other fields
  • This position is based in San Francisco

Please submit a resume and a cover letter that describes your interest in The Information, your background in journalism, and examples of articles or projects where your reporting or leadership made an impact. Please direct us or attach clips of your work.

To apply, go here.

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