S&P Global seeks an editor for oil news

December 19, 2022

Posted by Chris Roush

S&P Global delivers essential intelligence that powers decision making. We provide the world’s leading organizations with the right data, connected technologies and expertise they need to move ahead. As part of our team, you’ll help solve complex challenges that equip businesses, governments and individuals with the knowledge to adapt to a changing economic landscape.

S&P Global Commodity Insights enables organizations to create long-term, sustainable value with data and insights for a complete view on the global energy and commodities markets.

The Role: Editor, Americas Oil News

You are an experienced, scoop-driven business news journalist who loves serving readers with the commodities market-relevant news they need to make critical business decisions. You know your market, and you can’t wait to tell people what’s happening — and what it means, particularly for prices.

You are comfortable interviewing senior industry executives, including on mic/camera. You also love diving into earnings reports and regulatory filings. You seek opportunities to present data-rich news visually and understand that a “story” might be a graphic or podcast instead. Accuracy, timeliness and the ability to bring clarity to the complex are paramount.

Your major area of focus is the oil (producers) and midstream (pipelines, storage, terminals) segments. With the aid of Platts Analytics data and analysis and Platts Pricing, you write about pipelines, drilling, export terminals, and anything affecting oil supply, demand and prices.

The Team: Your manager will be the head of Oil News for the Americas, but you will interact with the managers of gas, power and regulatory/government news. You will be surrounded by experienced journalists and analysts. The environment is fast-paced, congenial and professional.

The Impact: You will give Americas readers a perspective on global oil markets, and international readers will turn to your content for insight into the Americas.

What’s in it for you: Platts news showcases our commodity price benchmarks and analytics to deliver unique market-relevant insight. Platts news is widely-read and trusted in the global oil industry. Decision makers read Platts news because it helps them make profit-critical decisions.

Our Hiring Manager Says: “The person who will succeed in this job will be passionate about reporting and understanding complicated subject matter and explaining it clearly and concisely for a time-starved audience. Resourcefulness and independence in someone who collaborates well with others is what we’re looking for.”


  • Write intra-day and daily, concise and in-depth breaking news and analysis on key developments relevant to oil markets for Platts’ alert services, publications and for Dimensions Pro, our multi-commodity news and data platform.
  • Collaborate with analysts and price reporters to provide timely market insight leveraging Platts’ price benchmarks, proprietary data and analytics.
  • Produce content in a wide variety of situations such as conferences, weekend emergencies, etc.
  • File copy that is well-researched, accurate and clean (spelling, grammar and style).
  • Develop a broad and diverse industry source base.
  • Liaise with production team to produce graphics to enhance content.
  • Contribute frequently to digital media activities (e.g., blogs, podcasts, video) and social media.

What We Are Looking For:

  • Three-plus years of reporting/writing experience, preferably in energy markets, but also as a broader business or financial journalist.
  • Flexible journalist able to cover developments from various regions in the Americas as needed.
  • Concise writing style, numerate.
  • Research and analytical capabilities with the ability to locate, interpret and leverage a variety of information, including prices and other market data, regulatory and corporate documents, including company earnings reports.
  • Bachelor’s degree required. Journalism, Economics, Business and/or Finance.

To apply, go here.

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