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Fort Worth Star-Telegram seeks a local government reporter

October 18, 2023

Posted by Mariam Ahmed

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram seeks a reporter to cover the heart of a county of 2.1 million people, home to the fastest growing city in America. This is not a traditional government reporter whose agenda is driven by meetings and incremental stories. It is a reporter in touch with the issues people care about that are affected by Tarrant County and Fort Worth governments. It is a reporter intent on covering the people here and what matters to them. This reporter will hold government agencies accountable with watchdog reporting and will explain to readers how local government is helping or hurting them. This reporter will tell the story of how local and state politics weave into what’s happening. The position will focus on issues related to Tarrant County government, working in tandem with reporters who cover the city, state and suburban municipalities.

Candidates must have the urgency to be first and best in reporting the news; a track record of growing a digital audience using a keen understanding of what’s important to readers; skill in the use of reader analytics; and a constant awareness of what people are sharing and talking about on social media.

At The Star-Telegram, the reader comes first, last and always. Serving readers in a crowded media marketplace means becoming the best and most relevant source of journalism that matters to them — and ensuring that our work reaches them, wherever they are.

It will require not just the ability to build sources and ferret out facts, but also a talent for framing, writing, shooting, producing and promoting a story via search and social media to ensure that it reaches and resonates with our readers. It will require a demonstrated commitment to change –  constantly adapting to the ever-evolving ways in which readers seek out and interact with journalism. And it will require enthusiastic participation in ongoing conversations about what’s working and what’s not — and an equally enthusiastic commitment to adapting accordingly.

Duties and Responsibilities:

There is an accountability element that comes with this beat. We’ll use public records requests, data analysis and in-depth reporting to help our audience make sense of our changing city and the dynamics that are driving that change. This reporter will bring an insatiable curiosity, will write with authority when appropriate and will share their work (stories, video, interactives, etc) across multiple platforms and outlets. Sourcing will go beyond officials to those regular people invested and impacted by government’s decisions.

What you’ll bring:

  • Strong writing and reporting skills and excellent news judgment
  • Unwavering commitment to accurate, ethical journalism
  • Fluency in the science of readership and engagement, including an understanding of metrics/analytics programs such as Parsely and Google Trends and development of story ideas derived from data.
  • Understanding of SEO and other optimization opportunities and a demonstrated ability to learn new skills in social and digital.
  • Strong interpersonal skills, including empathy and the ability to take and give constructive criticism. Workflows require constant conversations between reporters and editors and between reporters and their audience as a story evolves.
  • Understanding of open records law and ability to file, manage and oversee requests pertinent to beat work.
  • Ability to engage with readers and develop sources on social media platforms including but not limited to Facebook, Instagram and X (formerly Twitter).
  • Ability to develop breadth and variety of sources.
  • Ability to understand audience lenses and correctly identify the audience for selected stories.
  • Ability to work on both daily and enterprise stories concurrently, delivering both with consistency.
  • Ability to meet deadlines.
  • Ability to capture video and edit it (using phone).
  • Ability to work collaboratively on projects ranging from podcasts to video to enterprise stories. We will work comfortably in a job that will be fast-paced, data-driven, shaped constantly by feedback and experimentation and always evolving
  • Bachelor’s degree in journalism or related field preferred
  • Fluency in Spanish and English preferred
  • Two years of experience in a professional digital-first news organization preferred

To apply: Please submit a cover letter, resume and 6-8 examples of your work that show the breadth and depth of your reporting and writing skills.

For further details click here.

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