Decential seeks a writer

January 18, 2022

Posted by Margarita Sanabria

DeCential is looking for writers to hire for culture pieces in the New Yorker “Talk of the Town” style.


DeCential is committed to telling the stories of founders, builder and visionaries who are creating a new decentralized economy and Internet experience.

Our goal here at DeCential is to build it into the New Yorker but for crypto. They have many long-form profiles and Q&A interviews with prominent people in the space

For more information about the company, click here.


Matthew Leising, Co-Founder of DeCential, is looking for writers.

They are looking for help with are pieces that are shorter in length and timelier. A big push we are making at DeCential is to show the culture of crypto by focusing on the people who are building all the crazy web3/defi/crypto projects we know and love. Their aim is to find people to write about crypto events in a New Yorker style like you see in their Talk of the Town section. Breezy, light, fun and insightful vignettes from crypto conferences, meetups, events or just an interview you’re able to snag with someone interesting. I want to capture the zeitgeist on a weekly basis.

They are also interested in medium-length stories that would be approved on a pitch by pitch basis.

If you are already a writer or want to start writing about crypto, great! Matthew is more than happy to help mentor or coach you in the writing department if you haven’t had much experience. Of course, well written and tight stories are a huge plus, but DeCential also wants to appeal to people who might just need a break to get their writing started.


Rate is by the word, mostly likely $1/word but that could change.


Please email your submissions to:


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