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CIO Journal seeks editor

August 7, 2014

Posted by Chris Roush

CIO Journal is seeking a leader who can manage collisions. Your beat will be a reflection of the changing world we live in.

You will write about the challenges of CIOs confronting changes to their job descriptions as the worlds of business, technology and culture shift and collide. From board rooms to data centers, cloud computing, mobile computing, ubiquitous data capture, real-time analytics, cyberespionage and cyber terrorism are changing how people interact with technology and how technology can affect business for good or ill.

Your varied background will allow you to flit from industry to industry to help readers understand how these macro changes affect them in their specific roles.

As editor, you will need to direct coverage of the tectonic shifts altering the balance of power in business and technology, with enough sophistication to satisfy the needs of technology professionals and enough clarity to engage business readers who may be uninitiated in its nuances.

You will also manage the aggregation of news items on the CIO Journal home page and newsletter, balancing the need to highlight WSJ stories with the need to provide readers with a one-stop shopping experience for their tech news needs.

You will also either write or direct the writing of the Morning Download. Your role will also be to evangelize the work of CIO Journal among corporate news writers and editors with the goal of establishing the CIO Journal team as a resource for the wider Journal to adopt.

The position also includes recruiting guest columnists and working with product development to improve the product.

To apply, go here.

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