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BeInCrypto seeks a journalist (New York)

March 21, 2023

Posted by Mariam Ahmed

We are searching for curious and engaged crypto exploring News Journalists to add to our team. If you are an experienced reporter covering crypto/blockchain for at least a few years, we are waiting for your application.


  • Gather information: You will be responsible for researching, gathering and verifying information to create well-rounded and accurate news stories, features and opinion articles
  • Build Network: Develop a network of credible sources who can provide you with exclusive information is an essential part of the job
  • Write and edit: You will need to write compelling and engaging news stories that accurately capture the essence of the story and engage the reader
  • Additionally, you will be responsible for editing your own story and work with Managing Editors to ensure that it meets the high standards of your publication
  • Pitch story ideas: As a journalist, you need to have a keen eye for what makes a good story
  • Do unbiased reporting: It is crucial that you maintain a high level of objectivity and impartiality in your reporting
  • Your goal is to present the facts in a balanced and ethical manner, without letting your personal biases or opinions cloud your judgment
  • Collaborate: As part of the broadcast team, you will need to work collaboratively with other journalists, editors, and producers to ensure that the news is delivered in a timely and effective manner
  • Travel: In some cases, you may need to travel within your local market to gather information for a story
  • This could involve conducting interviews, visiting sites, or attending events to gain a deeper understanding of the story
  • Stay informed: As a journalist specializing in the cryptocurrency industry, it is important that you stay up-to-date with the latest developments and trends in the field


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism, Communications
  • Adequate experience doing news journalism
  • English as your native language
  • Passion for social media and involvement in the crypto channels
  • Knowledge of the crypto markets
  • Keen interest in DeFi, NFTs, NFT Art, and Metaverse gaming
  • Willingness to engage their audience by creating original content
  • Self-motivation, proactivity, and ambitions
  • Demonstrable content of crypto news production previously published (for us it is important to know you, so a good portfolio is key)

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