American City Business Journals seeks a senior director for content strategy

October 13, 2022

Posted by Chris Roush

American City Business Journals is looking for a Senior Director of Content Strategy.

The DCS works with relevant stakeholders to craft, evolve and articulate the content strategy for The Business Journals. In addition to overseeing strategy, the DCS will assist the corporate support operations of The Business Journals’ content teams when/where necessary. This assistance includes supporting local newsrooms and the national content team to ensure that they are executing on the content strategy across all platforms including print, digital and events.

The Senior Director of Content Strategy will work closely with the Senior Director of Editorial Operations (DEO) to ensure newsrooms meet goals, understand and execute the content strategy as designed and problem-solve with local and/or national stakeholders when required.  This individual will work with senior management on the development of annual budgets and goals while also ensuring that local markets have the tools they need.

The DCS is a strategic big-thinker who is able to anticipate evolutions in news trends and audience desires, then communicate necessary changes to various constituencies to ensure The Business Journals remains a world-class news organization.  They must also possess superior communication skills, a willingness to receive feedback and an ability to clearly articulate the motivations for any evolution in strategy.   This individual must be able to inspire others to think creatively while maintaining a firm understanding of short- and long-term goals and needs of the business.


  • Develop a strategic content plan for TBJ’s newsrooms that will increase engagement, generate new audience and maintain community relevance
  • Make periodic adjustments to the plan, as needed, to achieve business goals then articulating any changes to management with a fully thought-out plan
  • Create a committee of relevant stakeholders to assist with strategic thinking and ideation
  • Develop a rollout plan to ensure that any new ideas/strategies are properly validated in advance of a full rollout, with a consistent communication plan that garners buy-in and ultimately ownership among constituencies
  • Monitor other news organizations and content creators to stay on top of any new trends in business journalism
  • Develop relationships with organizations or entities that might prove useful to ACBJ as a potential partnership group
  • Develop new business ideas and direction with an eye towards content-centric opportunities
  • Ensure that ACBJ content, and its teams, are capable of continuing to evolve as trends and business goals evolve over time.
  • Ensure that Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiatives are a priority and a valuable connection point to local communities.
  • Work with the Director of Editorial Operations to develop an operational plan for each newsroom and the national content team to ensure that they continue to meet both reader and business needs locally and nationally
  • Work with key stakeholders including DEO on the development of editorial goals, then monitor and implement those goals
  • Assist with training, onboarding and other people-related initiatives as needed to support Director, Editorial Operations
  • Ensure content maintains the accuracy, style and quality readers expect from TBJ while meeting the highest standards of ethics in journalism
  • Work closely with revenue, audience, design, and technology teams to ensure ACBJ initiatives are achieved

Skills and experience

  • A deep understanding of local business news, and the audiences interested in such content
  • A deep understanding of social media, search and other tools to increase readership
  • An understanding of metrics, and how they can be used to show content meets mission
  • Superior communication skills, including an ability to articulate goals, strategies and challenges to senior management and local newsrooms.
  • An ability to maximize talent and resources to meet goals
  • Must know how to nurture and adapt an existing brand to suit changing circumstances within the company and the industry.
  • Must be incredibly self-motivated and innovative.
  • Must be creative with a unique approach to persistent problems, adding value to existing products and deriving positives from negatives.
  • Must be able to take charge of any situation, exerting a dominant vision and encouraging others to support that vision.
  • Must be able to multitask and manage a number of different projects at once.

Apply here.

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