Coverage: Greece misses IMF payment

The Greek debt crisis took yet another turn for the worse as the country missed its payment to the International Monetary Fund, making the country ineligible for more IMF money. The New York Times story by Jim Yardley and James Kanter had these details on the default: The International Monetary Fund said shortly after midnight […]

Coverage: Puerto Rico seeks bankruptcy

While the world is watching to see if Europe will rescue Greece, the U.S. is contending with Puerto Rico, which is having its own set of financial problems. The territory is struggling under $73 billion in debt and turning to the U.S. for help. The Washington Post had these details in a story by Steven […]

Coverage: Greece shuts down banks

The financial crisis in Greece just took a huge turn for the worse. The country announced over the weekend it was closing the banking system for six days in order to keep currency in the country. It’s one of the worst signals a country could send about its financial health. Jim Yardley had this story […]

Coverage: going public

Your lack of love could make someone a lot of money. Barry Diller’s IAC is taking public its online dating services. The company owns several online services and it’s planning to cash in as people flock to the sites. The Wall Street Journal had these details in a story by Georgia Wells and Lukas I. […]

Coverage: Grocery deal reaches the U.S.

Ahold and Delhaize Group are merging. While the combination might seem mundane, it’s one that could touch the everyday lives of people around the globe. The Wall Street Journal story by Ian Walker and Annie Gasparro had these details about the combined company: The planned merger of Ahold NV and Delhaize Group would create one of the […]

Coverage: The Blackberry disaster

Remember Blackberry? Yeah, apparently not many people do these days. The company has been trying to find something to regain sales, but the turnaround plan doesn’t seem to be working. The New York Times story by Ian Austen pointed out that the plan to become a software company wasn’t coming together as planned: BlackBerry’s introduction […]

Coverage: Apple bows to Taylor Swift

Many headlines over the weekend said that Apple caved to Taylor Swift over paying artists royalties. But the second-day coverage largely shifted to say the deal isn’t such a blow for Apple after all. The Wall Street Journal had this story by Ethan Smith and Daisuke Wakabayashi saying the money involved is “insignificant”: Taylor Swift scored […]

Coverage: Health care consolidation rejected

The health care industry is ready for consolidation, and the changing landscape could affect customers’ choices for how they’re insured. Over the weekend, Cigna rejected an offer from Anthem to be bought out. But the story doesn’t end here. The New York Times story by Michael J. de la Merced and Reed Abelsom had these […]

Coverage: Fitbit surges ahead in IPO

On their first day of trading, shares of Fitbit gained nearly 48 percent, giving the wearable company a head start on the competition. Many wear their trackers like a badge, and many marketers are more excited about the prospect of harnessing all that personalized data. The Dealbook team had this story in The New York […]

Coverage: Uber’s business model takes a hit

In a decision that could have far-reaching consequences for many start-ups and online businesses, California has decided to call Uber driver’s employees instead of contractors. While this might not have been the top story of the day, it’s definitely one that will set off a rash of lawsuits. The New York Times had these details […]