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Financial journalism “captured” by elite sources

A new study suggests financial journalism has been “captured” by a small coterie of elite sources. The study was conducted by Sophie Knowles from the University of the Arts London, Gail Phillips from Murdoch University and Johan Lidberg from Monash University. A summary of...

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The business journalism behind Nikkei

Jonathan Soble of the New York Times writes about the business journalism behind Nikkei, the Japanese company that announced earlier this month it was acquiring the Financial Times. Soble writes, “Mr. Otsuka, the former...

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How Joe Weisenthal loosens up Bloomberg

Ricardo Bilton of Digiday interviewed Joe Weisenthal of Bloomberg, whose show “What’d You Miss?” debuted recently. Here is an excerpt: Business coverage, when done right, can be as compelling as sports. The overlap between...