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Quartz aims for profitability

Roger Yu of USA Today writes about Quartz, the business news website from The Atlantic. Yu writes, “Quartz’s challenges include amassing more stories, as well as more readers and advertisers (it has about 60...

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What’s so great about Quartz?

Ben Davis of Econsultancy.com writes about the things that make business news site Quartz so good. Here are two: Quality of writing Fundamental to Quartz is the quality of its journalism. That’s what defines...

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Quartz has launched its India site

Business news site Quartz has launched a site in India on Monday. The site is accessible at at qz.com, or at qz.com/india for readers outside the country. Quartz India is produced in collaboration with...

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Quartz wants to add 20+ staffers

The following email was sent out Thursday morning by Quartz publisher Jay Lauf and editor in chief Kevin Delaney: Fellow Quartzians: In recognition of, and enabled by, our incredible growth, we are planning to...