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Augusta Chronicle 0

The search to replace WSJ Sunday content

Jon Gogick, the executive editor of the Augusta Chronicle in Georgia, writes about his paper’s search for content to replace Wall Street Journal Sunday content, which Dow Jones discontinued. Gogick writes, “Our goal was...

Stacey Tisdale 0

Black Enterprise hires Stacey Tisdale

Black Enterprise magazine has hired Stacey Tisdale as a senior content producer with a focus on personal finance. “Stacey serves as a great addition to the Black Enterprise content team and expansion of our...

Andrew Ross Sorkin 0

Sorkin blows interview with Robbins

Hamilton Nolan of Gawker is critical of the interview that New York Times business columnist Andrew Ross Sorkin conducted with self-help guru Anthony Robbins about his investing advice. Nolan writes, “As someone reading (or...