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Remembering consumer writer Mitch Lipka

Priyanka Dayal McCluskey of the Boston Globe writes about consumer writer Mitch Lipka, who died Monday at the age of 53 from sarcoma. McCluskey writes, “Mr. Lipka, of Worcester, had a three-decade career in journalism....

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Reuters consumer columnist Lipka dies

Mitch Lipka, a consumer columnist for Reuters and other media organizations, died Tuesday from complications related to sarcoma. He was 53. Lauren Young, the Money editor at Reuters, wrote, “I never met Mitch in...

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Remembering MarketWatch’s Jim Jelter

Shawn Langlois, a markets reporter at MarketWatch.com, writes Thursday about Jim Jelter, his co-worker who died Wednesday at the age of 62. Langlois writes, “When Jim started his gig in San Francisco, the MarketWatch...