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Apple CEO Steve Jobs is not dead yet 0

Apple CEO Steve Jobs is not dead yet

Ryan Tate of Gawker reports that Bloomberg News mistakenly published its prepared obituary of Apple CEO Steve Jobs on Wednesday. Tate writes, “But news organizations routinely prepare obituaries in advance, even for the healthy....

Bloomberg Magazine editor dies 1

Bloomberg Magazine editor dies

Frederic Wiegold, a senior editor at Bloomberg Markets magazine, died this weekend, according to an internal e-mail obtained by Talking Biz News that was sent to the staff. “He was an amazingly talented editor, as...

Thriving on grit and passion 0

Thriving on grit and passion

Jim Kelly of the Pacific Business News writes Friday about the paper’s founder and former editor, George Mason, who died earlier this week at 84. Kelly wrote, “In 1971, PBN sued the state of...