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Iowa biz journal ME dies 0

Iowa biz journal ME dies

Jim Pollock, the managing editor of the Des Moines Business Record, died Thursday due to complications from chemotherapy. He was 59. Chris Conetzkey, the editor of the Business Record, writes, “Jim had been with...

Remembering Dave Morrow 0

Remembering Dave Morrow

Josh Dawsey, a senior at the University of South Carolina, was the inaugural recipient of the David Morrow Scholarship for Business Journalism, named after the former editor in chief of TheStreet.com. He received the...

Former North Carolina biz editor dies 0

Former North Carolina biz editor dies

Tom Bost, the former business editor of The Sentinel in Winston-Salem, N.C., died recently at the age of 89. Paul Garber of The Winston-Salem Journal writes, “Bost earned a journalism degree from UNC Chapel...