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Liz Claman and Warren Buffett 0

Liz Claman on the art of covering Warren Buffett

Fox Business Network anchor Liz Claman will interview Berkshire Hathaway executives Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger, as well as Microsoft founder Bill Gates, on the air on Monday at 3 p.m. This past weekend, she covered Berkshire Hathaway’s...

Zero Hedge 0

Bloomberg unmasks Zero Hedge

Tracy Alloway and Luke Kawa of Bloomberg write about the finance news site Zero Hedge and the people behind it. Alloway and Kawa write, “Since being founded in the depths of the financial crisis,...

Stephanie Ruhle Levo 0

Bloomberg TV’s Ruhle moving to MSNBC

Bloomberg Television’s morning anchor Stephanie Ruhle is jumping to cable news rival MSNBC, reports Kevin Dugan of the New York Post. Dugan writes, “Ruhle, 40, is co-host of the ‘Market Makers’ program and is...