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Alex Madrigal 0

Fusion hires Madrigal to cover tech

Alexis Madrigal, deputy editor of Atlantic.com and a prominent online voice on technology and culture, will join the cable network Fusion as Silicon Valley bureau chief and the anchor of a television show, reports...

Atlanta Journal-Constitution 0

Atlanta daily names new biz desk head

Long-time Atlanta Journal-Constitution newsman Charlie Gay is about to take over the paper’s business news department, reports Tony Wilbert. Wilbert, a PR person in Atlanta, writes, “Gay, the paper’s deputy managing editor, soon will add daily...

Brett Arends 0

Forbes.com axes other contributors

Brett Arends, a columnist for Marketwatch.com who had been contributing to Forbes.com, posted the following on his Facebook page: I am sorry to report that I have been axed by Forbes in the fallout...