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Solin: Ignore what Cramer says

Dan Solin writes for The Huffington Post that CNBC “Mad Money” host Jim Cramer‘s talk at the recent Society of American Business Editors and Writers’ conference in New York was full of misstatements, including...

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At the intersection of Wall and Broad

Debra Borchardt of TheStreet.com worked in the securities business for almost 20 years, spending 15 of those years at Bear Stearns. Borchardt’s work experience covered such diverse areas as equities, fixed income and mutual...

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TheStreet.com “in turmoil,” says Cramer

Financial news site TheStreet.com is in turmoil, says company co-founder Jim Cramer, in comments posted on FutureofCapitalism.com about his career in journalism. FutureofCapitalism writes, “A job at the Los Angeles Herald-Examiner was an upgrade...