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Romenesko resigns from Poynter 1

Romenesko resigns from Poynter

Jim Romenesko, who has blogged about the world of journalism for the past 12 years for the Poynter Institute, has resigned Thursday after the non-profit journalism organization raised questions about unattributed information on the...

Steve Jobs and business journalism 0

Steve Jobs and business journalism

With the Wednesday death of Apple Inc. founder Steve Jobs, let’s look back at his influence and impact on business journalism as he often tussled with members of the profession. Jon Friedman, the media...

It’s good to be Michael Lewis 0

It’s good to be Michael Lewis

Jessica Pressler of New York magazine profiles business journalist Michael Lewis, the author of “The Big Short” and a Bloomberg News columnist. Pressler writes, “Lewis is often referred to as a business writer, and...