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Loomis and Buffett: A new disclosure 0

Loomis and Buffett: A new disclosure

Talking Biz News has been criticized in the past for raising questions about the relationship between Fortune reporter Carol Loomis and Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett. Back in 2007, Talking Biz News reported on...

Editors cut at Fortune 0

Editors cut at Fortune

Keith Kelly of the New York Post has details on some of the business journalists who lost their jobs at Fortune this week in cutbacks. Kelly writes, “About 15 people were let go today...

Fortune Small Business closes 0

Fortune Small Business closes

Jeff Bercovici of DailyFinance.com confirms that Fortune Small Business is suspending publication. Bercovici reports, “The news comes just as the publisher embarks on a fresh round of job cuts aimed at saving $100 million...