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Ron Leuty 1

The embargo and business journalism

Whether broken by human or technical errors, embargo breaches can have serious consequences. Ron Leuty, a biotech reporter at the San Francisco Business Times, experienced the detrimental consequences of breaking an embargo firsthand. In...

The business media biases 0

The business media biases

Tony Paradiso writes in the Nashua Telegraph in New Hampshire about bias in business media. Paradiso writes, “Face it, with the exception of Rick Santelli, CNBC’s on-air talent are little more than Wall Street...

FT executive sits on bank board 0

FT executive sits on bank board

Ryan Chittum of the Columbia Journalism Review writes that an executive of the Financial Times sits on the board of HSBC. Chittum writes, “Rona Fairhead, who heads the Financial Times Group, the unit of...