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Speculation about Apple products 0

Speculation about Apple products

TheStreet.com media critic Marek Fuchs wonders why the business media indulges in speculation about new Apple products in advance of the MacWorld Expo. Fuchs writes, “In all seriousness, few events outside of mergers and acquisitions provoke...

BusinessWeek misclassifies company 0

BusinessWeek misclassifies company

Pamela Drew takes BusinessWeek to task for classifying Monsanto as a food products company in its list of most influential companies. Drew writes, “Monsanto listed as a food company flies in the face of...

Google vs. Wall Street Journal 0

Google vs. Wall Street Journal

Sam Gustin of Conde Nast Portfolio writes Monday about how Google has gone on the offensive against The Wall Street Journal about an article in today’s paper. Gustin writes, “The Journal article says that...