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Bartiromo says goodbye to producer 1

Bartiromo says goodbye to producer

CNBC anchor Maria Bartiromo said goodbye to her producer, Lulu Chiang, who is leaving CNBC after eight years. Bartiromo said, “She also pushed me hard to be a better journalist, and I will always...

The business media biases 0

The business media biases

Tony Paradiso writes in the Nashua Telegraph in New Hampshire about bias in business media. Paradiso writes, “Face it, with the exception of Rick Santelli, CNBC’s on-air talent are little more than Wall Street...

How to fix CNBC 0

How to fix CNBC

Jeffrey Miller of iStockAnalyst.com writes about improving CNBC‘s ratings given its recent performance where fewer viewers are watching its shows. Miller writes, “NBC faced a tipping point several years ago.  They lost sight of...